Passion & Mission 

Passion: fast healthy Caribbean food that makes everybody happy.

Our Caribbean tastemakers for authentic tastes made with local products. Substainibility for us  means reducing airmiles and buying vegetables and fruit of the season! We also love  "Circular cooking', cooking with left overs in your stock of from your garden.                                           .

Our recipes are for everybody with a full agenda, without knowledge of this particular cuisine.

With our productrange you serve ecellent exotic family food at the end of a bussy day!

Mission: Responsibility for people & planet

Our goal is maximum profit for maximum social impact. A part of our profit we want to invest in overseas social projects.

Orphanage house

We support the Ólga Clarck children's home already for 20 years. For many years we supply clothes, books, milk, fruit and vegetables together with local social entrepreneurs.

The library of Sitaldien

We collect and send books to give the youth the possibility to read litarature and to have an place to study.

Sending food & Clothes

we collect, buy and send food, clothes, towels and more to the poorest..even in the jungle if necessary.


We tell the stories of the Caribbean through this particular kitchen. So everybody  understands this melting pot, the orgin, journey, kitchen and  history. So we connect people and stimulate the understanding of each other.!

Our future: No. 1 Caribbean brand

We want to be the no. 1 Caribbean brand in order to finance and set up a chutney and currypaste factory with 'Kindergarten' in Suriname for women. In order to make them self supporting  and financially independent.