Indian Caribbean  Curry Paste

For quick and easy curry dishes with meat, fish and vegetables

Hindoestaanse kerriepasta

The Indian curry paste is a masala. A mix of turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, caraway and mustard seed.

The Indian population came to the Caribbean as contract laborers. They made their own masala mix at home and are proud of this secret curry powder mix to make their famous curry dishes with pumpkin, veggies, chicken or shrimp. Our curry paste is an authentic recipe from the family of the owner of Sorgh & Hoop.  Inspiration for  quick and easy recipes with vegetables, poultry, meat, fish or shrimp you find on this page.

Base Preparation Indian Caribbean Curry Paste

Recipe for 4 persons, not spicy.

This base preparation only takes 15 minutes, you don’t even have to do anything for the last 10 of them. If you don’t need the sauce, it can even be faster.

bereiding hindoestaanse kerriepasta Sorgh&Hoop

Put some oil in a pan with some chopped onion. Optionally add some garlic. Fry until the onions are translucent.

bereiding hindoestaanse kerriepasta Sorgh&Hoop

Add the curry paste. Let it fry at high heat for a short moment.  That way you release all the flavors.


bereiding hindoestaanse kerriepasta Sorgh&Hoop

Add your produce. This could be meat, vegetables, poultry or fish. The finer it is chopped, the faster it will cook.

bereiding hindoestaanse kerriepasta Sorgh&Hoop

If you like sauce, add two tomatoes or some coconut milk. Leave to simmer for about 10  minutes until dissolved.

Nutritional Information


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Whole fish in curry

I can't believe I can rub a whole fish with just the curry rub, put in a baking tray with some tomatoes and not have to do anything else to it. The perfect solution if, like me, you love fish and want to enjoy a festive dish at the end of a busy day without any fuss.

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